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History of our comapny

Our company was found in 1994. Since that time is sprawling especially in the amount of spare parts in stock and areas of the model range. The interrelated increase of the service employees, enlargement of stock areas and growing stock.

All the time we are the very well supplied company with amount of the superior spare parts. The number of our customers from Czech and Slovakia is growing up every day, because we offer not only the spare parts but whole background of the service, from assembly change to retain of the rapair works, the regulations and the controls.

Since 1999 we offer the all spare parts of european marks of trucks, trailors and semitrailors. In this time we supplied with parts of marks: MAN, DAF, IVECO, SCANIA, RENAULT, MERCEDES, VOLVO, LIAZ, TATRA, AVIA, BPW, SAF, SMB, TRAILOR, ROR, KASSBOHNER, FREUHAUF, PANAV .... Since 2003 is company certificated ISO 9001, it means a quality service and very awell working customer system.